'Luscious Greens' Loose Leaf Tea Sampler (Pack of 7)

'Luscious Greens' Loose Leaf Tea Sampler (Pack of 7)

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'Luscious Greens' Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

A great way to explore a selection of fine green teas without spending a fortune or buying large quantities to find a new favorite.

You'll receive 7, perfectly-sized, 1/2-ounce samples of the following:

Indulagashinna Estate Organic Ceylon Green OP-1
Typically, Ceylon teas are black. However, this Organic Ceylon sports a long orange pekoe leaf with a smooth green tea taste and delicious aroma.

Organic White Monkey Green
Dark green leaves with downy white tips infuse into a cup with good body, a floral aroma, and sweet finish.

Pan-Fired Green
These beautiful flat, jade-green leaves steep to a sweet and smooth liquor. Ideal with Asian cuisine, it has true green tea flavor.

Fancy Sencha
Infusing to a smooth, pale yellow-green liquor with good depth and body, FancySencha is superb with sushi and fish dishes.

Organic Genmaicha
A specialty organic Japanese tea blended with fire-toasted rice and popped corn with a fresh vegetative character, a natural sweetness, and a ‘chewy’, baked finish reminiscent of a crisped rice marshmallow treat!

Jasmine #1 Grade
Our Jasmine #1 is the first grade below the exotic jasmines with all of the flavor, aroma and good qualities, except the exorbitant price. Pair with Chinese food and fruity desserts.

Osmanthus Dragon Pearls
An exquisite green tea rolled into 'pearls' with osmanthus blossoms to give it a faint peach finish. These little gems unfurl into a delicious cup!

We pack your teas to order in our flavor-locking resealable pouches, which keep out detrimental light and odors, insuring optimal freshness. Steeping instructions are included on each package, so you'll never have to guess how to brew a great cup of tea!

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